Declutter Day
0 comment Wednesday, October 8, 2014 |
After a lovely afternoon and evening spent with friends and acting as adopted family member for a day, I'm home with thoughtful presents and a fair bit of energy after what amounts to me as a lie-in. Today's mission, since child is still up North at his grand-dad's and will be for a few more days, is to do as thorough a clean of the house as I can manage, and also get rid of the myriad boxes, clutter, and junk which is lying about my house, a good portion of which I no longer use.
There was a time I lived out of a suitcase. If I couldn't carry it or sling it on my back, I didn't take it. So it is weird to me how much "stuff" I currently have lying about, and I'm making decisions what to keep and what to get rid of. The most predominant accumulation of stuff has been in my room as that is where I kept all my soap and business supplies. While I thoroughly intend on doing soap again, the truth is I'll probably never produce the stuff on the scale I was doing, and therefore I have to pare what I currently have WAY down. This always comes with a qualm, but I will be getting rid of the stuff I know I really shan't be using, boxing up things I probably won't be using again for a while and storing it away in the loft, breaking down loads of packing peanuts and things which I no longer have to keep for shipping, and binning anything I have no need to sell on or which didn't sell well (and I wasn't keen on anyway). I still have loads left for personal use and for laundry so I'm not worried yet, but at the same time, I also still have loads of oils, butters, and raw ingredients which I'm well aware won't keep forever, so I am going to have to use the stuff up and put it into soapy form before it goes off and I can't use it at all. That's probably a project for when sproggo is back in school.
It must have reached some very low temps last night (not surprising as there wasn't a cloud in the sky) as the lines to the pipes outside are frozen, regardless of the expensive and foolhardy installation of a pipeheater by landlord. The washing machine line is frozen solid and so that has scuppered my washing plans for the moment, however I've turned the heater up and I've got the tap partially open now, so maybe by the end of the day I can get to washing sheets and other bits and bobs round the house.
Already done my least favourite room, the bathroom, and now moving to my bedroom though I've paused for a cup of tea. I've dug out yet another box of books which, for the time being, I will divide up with ex to read to children, and I will have a few here as well. Since the announcement of the equally foolhardy cutting of free books for children (even with the recent news of boys being well behind in reading - granted, they've ALWAYS been well behind in reading if memories of my school days serves true) I am more resolved to get sprog reading on a regular basis. He's been "off school" for the past week and the computer has ruled his life, but he did ask specifically for a favourite book from his younger years (Dinosaur Roar!) so we'll start with that. I intend on buying a new book a month, one for him and one for me. I got "Hothouse" for myself, and a new copy of "Gormenghast" on the way.
So, now, tea cooling, need to get back to my room declutter and hope I can manage at least to get my room done today, then move to the sewing room.