And Deep Breath
0 comment Thursday, October 9, 2014 |
Family Fund was here, and while it's obvious what I'm asking for is quite expensive, I'm hopeful that at the very least we can get the fence done and maybe even do some paving. I won't be getting tonnes but it would be a start.
The I've been doing some looking about and there's another way to manage the lumps, by putting compost in and raking down over the grass. It will take a few years to fill in but eventually the job would be a goodun. The garden might also benefit from aerating as well, and I think I could maybe do that sort of thing myself. It might not look pretty at first but it would help.
I'm still trying to appeal to various charities and things out there, even if some volunteers could come and clear out the rubbish and the brambles and so on (which would be a HUGE help). But things may be coming together here. I just have to keep the faith.