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I'm relatively recovered - well not 100% but I've reached the "I'm Fine" stage that I tend to tell people who ask because it's easier than describing all the stuff that I consider "normal". They don't really want to hear it anyway - I've learned that from the rather glassy looks I get. "Fine" works; the antibiotics are doing their thing at least but I'll have to pop into my GP at some point and investigate the annual-chest-infection thing as it's a bit alarming. Used to have it all the time as a kid so really not looking forward to a reprise of that stuff.
Child is being returned from London this morning after a fair bit of pressure from ex - who actually demanded I hand over some money for child's care for the past two days. I have no comment re: his own child being a business transaction. Just....don't ask. If anything it's just more ammunition for having child in a residential place; when I get ill it disrupts his education in the worst way - he's been out of school repeatedly over the past year due to illnesses and hospitalisations on my part; and my friend-carer has had her own traumas and issues over the past two months and hasn't been able to help. I'm worried about weekends still - if I get ill on weekends there's no one to get him, but I'll have to get some kind of backup plan for that.
Next week is half term - good grief, didn't we just have a long time off school? So once again, a week and a half of child and I stuck in the house going slowly stir-crazy. I've got nothing planned as I've been feeling too crap, but I hope to get a friend or two over and maybe even if it's just a drive in the forest it would be a little something. It's so horribly boring for sproggo but a lot of the proposed measures (Aim High for Wiltshire, the Boy Scouts, respite trips) are either being cut, the funding isn't quite there yet, or I don't have transportation to and from. I'm still trying to figure it out though - summer is coming soon and six weeks is a long time being housebound with a hyperactive autistic kid bored out of his skull, but I suppose the good news is we're coming out of the "gap time" between 5-8 when there was absolutely nothing for him to do. Now he's coming to 8 it will be easier - though I have to admit I don't understand the age restrictions on autism sometimes.
I haven't been out to even water the garden in days - going up and down the stairs is enough to wind me still - but I hope to today before things start drying out. I have to try and make an effort to get upright today as there's just too much to do; I still haven't heard about the housing benefit and I applied in March - it's now end of May, which is just ridiculous. I am still placing bids on bungalow council houses but I've realised for whatever reason I'm on the wrong band on the website - even though I received a letter saying I was in a higher band now. Brilliant. Will have to call on that too and figure out what happened.
Stuff to do, and starting to feel capable of being able to do it. So I had best shift it; nearly 7am (yes, I know, it's only 6:45 and I'm all motivated and stuff; that's how it goes here!)

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