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My immeasurably generous friend, the Gothic Florence Nightingale and I are off to ruin our diets in grand style at the Patisserie Valerie which has just opened in town. I haven't seen here since Xmess so will be nice to catch up.
These outings cost us a bit in cash and spoons; my friend has ME even though she is still working a full time job and also helping both myself and another friend of ours with ME who is wheelchair bound. I honestly have no idea how she does it, but she's amazing. However as we're all starting to feel the pinch in both fiscal and physical means, we're having to go a bit more sedate in our perambulations. We spent a mint last year sampling from various tea rooms and pubs and while a really nice day out with some fun company, it cost us a bit. She's having a funds crunch and while I'm more than happy to give her a bit for petrol, neither of us have a whole lot of coin. Pretty true for most our lot including our dear friend who has terminal cancer - she may have her insurance policy now to spend, but not all the money in the world will save her life. Still, the last years will be good ones if we can manage it.
It's a reminder that life can be brought abruptly short. I remember when she was saying she was suffering from fatigue and wondered what sort of herbs she should take. As I've been in that position before I counselled the first course of action was to see a doctor - and though I was reluctant to do so, I explained the last friend of mine who asked just that question had breast cancer. I cringe when I remember this, as that's exactly what happened in this second instance. She fought hard and still is, but it's a reminder even so of all those "it's just lumpy breasts" and "you just need more sleep" platitudes which aren't always the case.
The good days are days we should cherish and treasure and take full advantage of when we can, no matter who is watching. I'm more than aware there are twitching blinds whenever I walk out the door these days. Mucking about in the garden and she's disabled? Ha! But as the name of this blog suggests, I'm still living in a cage - I've just chosen to try and gild it, grow some roses in it, fill it with music and light and life and make it the best I can.
So now, deciding what to wear which will be flattering yet, more to the point, warm and comfortable. Now to try and remember how to style the hair and what to do with makeup (and I don't remember the latter at all so I leave it out). Jewellery and my walking stick and my best boots (with wool socks beneath). The little moments and the gossip and the reminding oneself why you continue to live another day in the face of a dozen reasons why giving up would be easier.
Chocolate helps.

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