Bbq And Fixing Day
0 comment Monday, October 13, 2014 |
As it's supposed to rain tomorrow, we moved our BBQ to today, and sprog happily sampled nearly everything, including things I really didn't expect him to eat. Hurrah for food experimentation! We finished out with homemade mint chocolate-chip ice cream, made with mint from the garden. The ice cream maker has already paid for itself I think, though I imagine I've put on a few pounds by now!
Tomorrow, I am bringing forth a new tradition called "Fixing Day". Sundays are sort of "what do we do now??" days when I'm always struggling to find new entertainments for sprog. Since the garden is still in the developmental stages, we've been inside a fair bit, and I've had to create new things for him to do, as well as to actually get things done. He's of an age now that I believe I can start to teach him how to do repairs for himself. We've got pairs of his trousers to mend, a book he loves has a ripped page, and the fourth patio chair managed to fall apart and needs to be repaired. Since sprog is really hard on his stuff, having a repair day is a great time for him to learn how to fix things which end up getting broken, and hopefully will encourage him to consider fixing items rather than throwing them away.
It is also something to do on a Sunday, though I find it works best if I don't have any hard-and-fast expectations as to the outcome if sprog assists. It might go better if I told him to let me do it, but then, how would he learn? I'm prepared to deal with some messes and botch ups.
This week is going to be a bit crazed, so I'm glad to have the time to fix things tomorrow so I don't have to worry about it all week long. It can become a weekly event, as there's always something that needs doing/repairing/taking up/taking down/hemming in/sorting out, and it's better include sprog in these things than keep him out of it. Still, I'm looking forward to getting my stockpile back up to snuff and get back to baking - I've been seriously hit with a need to bake for some reason, so I think another white-chocolate/cranberry/macadamia nut Madiera cake is in the offing very soon.