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The DLA credits and money has come in - and bloomin' 'eck, it was a lot! The backpayments kicked in and it means I can finish sprog's room this weekend! I've also bought myself a sewing machine so I can start fixing the ripped upholstery round the house, sew some better blackout curtains for sprog's room, and maybe even make myself some clothes.
The downside? I had to transfer this money into ex's accounts while my own new accounts were being faffed around. I knew this was a bad idea, but I didn't really have a choice - it was either that or lose money like I had done before. This of course meant he saw exactly how much I receive, and therefore made the grand announcement today that I no longer "need as much help" as I did before. So...I'm now responsible for buying sprog's clothes, shoes, and I'll be paying half the rent now. I had asked for a grace period until March, but this apparently IS my grace period. At the end of the month I'll be required to transfer funds over for rent.
Poof, there goes the garden funding I was trying to put together.
This wouldn't be so maddening if I didn't know how much the man makes in a year! Nothing else for it though - so I am now figuring out how to stockpile in food, work my budget now as sprog needs new clothes and shoes desperately, give in on trying to save for the garden and just get what I can (I'm going for some container garden/growhouse stuff), and make sure that I've got everything worked out properly so that there's no nasty surprises lurking anywhere.
Yeah, it sucks - the good thing however is that this means that I no longer "owe" Ex for anything; what he's paying is about as much as he'd be paying for maintenance for sprog. I don't have to hear about how the money that he was giving me was much more than agreed, blah de blah. I am now more or less supporting sprog without much need to lean on Ex and therefore I also don't need to be the one to blame for his inability to manage his own money. And there's actually a fair bit left over after all this to either save up for other things I may want for the house (like a chest freezer) or to save up for taking sprog out during summer holidays and having fun outside as he loves a barbecue - we barbecued every sunny day last year and I'm sure he'd love to do it again!
So, while I'm a bit annoyed, I'm not too terribly surprised, and on some level, I'm actually rather chuffed. It's not a great situation, but it could be decidedly worse. My son is fed, I have plans to keep me busy and maybe make a bit of cash, we'll have clothes and shoes and I'll even have cash to take him on various adventures and things during half term and summer breaks. Vastly improved over last year, with room for improvement if I choose wisely and keep the corners well trimmed on my budgeting.