Summer Piccies
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Now that the catharsis has been performed, I can move on apace - things are doing just that, and it's good, like a rotten tooth finally removed. Onwards as we go.
The patio path images - well I just have to add that one! Don't mind my rather rubbish storage of the hose - I don't have an economical way to wind this up yet (I want to install a holder on the other wall) and it's exhausting to coil it up every day after a good water. Today we've had several downpours though so no issues with watering till tomorrow or - if the forecast is right - next week! The path looks brilliant now compared to what it used to look like, and I now have a path I won't trip over. All recycled too - there were slabs all over the place here which weren't doing much of anything, really, so these were placed. Also used up old slabs and the bricks from here to finish the patio by the raised bed so I don't try to balance precariously on mud. The digging for that was a lot easier due to all the rain so all this was done in record time. I have planted my violets and some mint in the small triangle bit along the side - good place for them and they can spread as they like!
The whole garden is looking lovely! For the most part the grass has managed to take on both levels although it's scant in some places due to the clay. Really needs a bit of topsoil treatment and filling in, but that's a project for the fall. Right now, I'm harvesting peas, leeks, onions, basil and sage whenever I like. The two patio chairs are all I have left now - but that's enough for me and sproggo. We eat most of our meals outside during the summer, weather permitting. There's plenty to keep on top of and loads of fertilising and weeding and so forth to do. I've been slacking a bit lately as I've had no energy whatsoever, but this coming week when sprog is off for camping, I imagine I'll have plenty of time to do all sorts of tidying and fussing and faffing and pottering. I'll make the time.

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