Kind Of All In This Together
0 comment Friday, September 19, 2014 |
Ok, so trimming the food bill down a bit is so very very worth it...floors mopped, everything hoovered, windows spanking clean, and it wasn't me who did it. I actually have energy to hang out, yay cleaner!
My cleaner is saving up for her son to go to Uni. He's currently serving in the forces and any chance of what he was getting for a tour actually paying for school has gone up in smoke thanks to the uni fee hikes. His mum is therefore working part time as a cleaner on top of the full time job she has to try and help him pay his first year fees. No, I don't know how she's doing it. Any more than sometimes I wonder how I'm "doing it". What I know is I can spare a little extra cash which I know she doesn't get as the service takes its cut off the top. It's not discussed; mums stick together, and that's that. The way she snatches her pay up, I know she's counting how much closer she gets to her goal and I wish her well on it.
But I know that extra hasn't gone un-noticed. She cleans the HELL out of my house for real. What I can't get done in a week, she does in two hours. She looked rather tired today and she had her husband along to help - and they both cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My keyboard which I'm currently typing on is the cleanest it's been since it came back from a service. And, thanks to having one less of a worry on my list, child and I were able to bake and decorate cakes. I'm glad we got the chance, I was in utter agony standing for that long even though I'd taken co-proximol beforehand. But it's so lovely to hear my son say "I had fun!"
So I'll take that cleaning thank you, and happily pay a little more so I can do something other than look at the mess of my house and feel utterly defeated. And I'll do my bit to help another mum working herself down to a whisper for her kid - no matter how old her 'baby' may be - because I know all about that.
It's what you do, and no, we didn't need a bullsh*t campaign to teach us.