A Snow Respite
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The plan to scrub our recycled pots was thwarted with extremely cold temperatures and a fair few flurries of snow. Instead, I went over to W's house and stayed for lunch; this time I brought over some leek-and-potato soup I had made last week (bringing forth from the freezer) and then a half-loaf of spelt bread I'd made on Monday. She and her visitors were baffled and amazed that I am able to do such things - making food from scratch, baking bread, is all part of some sort of anachronistic life which doesn't figure in desperately looking for new jobs, fixing cars, Sky telly or all the thousand other concerns of the modern world. But I don't live as I do because I have infinitely more time than they do, or more money. I do it because it helps me save money, and without it I'd probably have to live in council housing. I don't have telly, I don't have a car. I work at home; this has nothing to do with having a life of leisure, but due to being the choices I needed to make rather than going on the dole, which I refuse to do. Cooking from scratch is about survival for me - it helps that I enjoy cooking, but I learned very young and I've had time to perfect it. I wasn't born a cook, I wasn't born a natural parent, or a gardener. You learn. W seems willing to pick up a few tips and tricks and I hope I can help her reach a point where her own life doesn't feel so much like it's out of control with constant money-woes, organising, and all the other stuff which, honestly, is par for the course as a mum regardless.
We talked garden-stuff, and we're trying to find ways to help each other out; I'll grow the peppers and toms, as well as starting beans and peas for the both of us. She's growing squash as she has more space and we won't need to worry so much about animals or kids playing with them for footballs that way. I've also said I've a cherry tree on the way, and maybe next year we can consider putting in some raspberries. She's caught the bug, I think, but we've got a long wait - especially as it's been snowing off and on all day.
Still, I enjoy being able to share these little tidbits. I don't have much money but at least I can feed people!

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