Subversive New Food Mission And Pest Control
0 comment Sunday, September 7, 2014 |
Bake spoils so that sprog says "something smells good, mum!" as soon as he walks into the door. Introduce child to new food and hope he eats it. If it fails, I have a dozen blueberry-white chocolate muffins to myself (well, there was a dozen...*cough*).
Life could be worse.
LATER: in addition to the massive shopping spree (laden with coffee, tea, fresh cheese, eggs, flour and all sorts of awesome stuff for cooking up a storm) I went outside after making dinner - meal my son actually ate (!!!!! though the muffins were too weird, the blue colour inside them threw him off, bless him, we'll try tomorrow) - to check on my budding lettuces. However, I discovered I don't have lettuce...but today's visiting pigeons seem to have done. *(!" & (*�*(! The slugs have also been having a field day in my strawberries, so it's been a bit of a pest fighting evening. I've put up old CDs and bags to scare off the birds. For the slugs, beer-baths. Yes, I know, rather final and brutal, but needs must. It's sort of like having the wake before the funeral - so a pretty good sendoff IMO. That's how I'd like to go.
I actually want to have strawberries this year, and I was so looking forward to lettuce - boo! Thankfully I planted a second sowing of lettuce last week, so I'll eventually have more shortly. I still have to plant the runner beans, however, but I'm thinking that will be in a pot with a rudimentary trellis system.
So in the meantime, I am savouring some delicious pomegranate white tea, a heavenly blueberry-white chocolate muffin (my son is trippin' these are absolutely amazing!), and putting my feet up, watching the sun set and the apple tree blooms outside. It would be all perfect if I wasn't currently struggling with a headache...but buggrit, it's a jolly good day.

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