Fairy Gardenmother
0 comment Sunday, September 7, 2014 |
I'm probably going to embarass D but it just has to be said. I'm am absolutely amazed at her enthusiasm and drive to get sprog's garden up and growing - I'm humbled and so grateful I keep running out of adjectives. "Thank you" just doesn't...quite...say it.
As a parent, you have many hats to wear. As a parent of a disabled child, you have to add several more, and "Advocate" is one that I've had to put on in earnest ever since my son's diagnosis. But the hat is heavy, and tends to weigh one down. It's also not a very pretty hat, and people tend to take umbrance to it, pointing out that the colour doesn't suit me, or that no one wears that kind of hat these days, or they feel the need to challenge me for even daring to wear a hat at all, and maybe they should just knock it off my head to teach me a lesson.
It's always a pleasant surprise when I meet someone who comes up and says "Nice hat, I have one just like it."
D is on a mission - she's put her hat squarely on her head and pretty much dares anyone to try and knock it off. If it's heavy, she isn't showing it, and I doubt even a strong breeze would get it off her head. She's one of the gutsiest women I've ever met, and I'm so happy she decided to help with the load, not just for me, but for anyone else struggling with their own burdens, and the brim of their own hats starting to slip over their eyes, cutting out all the light.
Maybe it's just the Power of Sprog as he tends to make total strangers fall in love with in within moments. Maybe it's the inherent good in man that we often tend to forget about. Maybe it's a love of beautiful things, and how these things should be available to anyone. But I've got the strength now to wear the hat just a little longer.
Watch this space.