A Real Summer
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English people hate heat. When it gets over 18 degrees, they complain about the sun. But then they complain when it's raining too. I guess it's just standard practice to hate what the weather is doing.
It gets 22C here and people start to whinge. I've just looked 22C up on a converter and I admit I burst out laughing. That's 71F! Seriously?! That's HOT? I've been wearing my light wool coat when I've been out as it's still too cool for me to do without yet, so I'm really looking forward to that "baking hot" 21-or-so we're being predicted for this weekend. It will make the BBQ worthwhile.
It's early into things, and lately we've had really brilliant springtimes which deteriorated into miserable, wet summers. There's been no rain, and that is a bit of a worry as my waterbutt for watering the garden is dry. Keeping on top of the watering is important, and I've been giving my plants a good drink in mornings and evenings, as well as watering the grass seed, which is finally starting to show some interest in germinating.
Indeed, everything seems to be showing an interest in getting with the growing programme; the first pea shoots are coming up and creeping towards the supports. The swiss chard is also up, with lovely varigated stems already even in their seedling stages. The baby lettuce has also made an appearance, and the leeks are leeking away, growing infinitesimally slowly. The shallots have broken through and are sending up shoots, and so are the onions. The cherry has brought forth its leaves as well, and the potatoes are starting to come up through their first layer. The turtle bean didn't make it but it was still a fun experiment - it needs warmer temperatures, so I might try them again with the dwarf runner beans when it really starts to warm up.
Strawberries are going well, as is the raspberry cane. The nasturtiums are taking ages to come up, but I've had this problem before. They just take a lot of time. My hollyhocks are all starting to germinate in earnest now, but the soil is poor - I'll need to add some compost on top when they reach a decent height.
Managed to half-cut through the bin I want to use to plant the rest of my spuds and my squash, but now placement is an issue; I have no idea where it's going as it looks like there will be some more garden works happening out back. I think I may end up putting the squash into the front garden and let the stuff really go for it in there. It may look untidy but I'm not trying to win any country garden contests.
Today for the first time in a while, I'm formulating for soap. It feels like I've neglected my soaping pan for ages! Today I've plans for my summer salt bar, and the hope is to get some double batches made over the next two weeks so I can put together my ranges for the stall next month. Let's hope the weather holds.

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