Hunkering In
0 comment Saturday, September 6, 2014 |
Yesterday was another day out, getting materials for a crafty Xmess, as well as getting kits checked out. Jester has a bit of an infection going on and has been regaled to wearing the Cone of Shame. He isn't impressed and I will spare his tender sensibilities by not putting a photo up.
Friend and I perambulated round to a (rather expensive) crafty store for supplies, and I managed to get some yarn to get some gloves started for sproggo, a really nice blue yarn which I'm working into some handwarmers for him. He'll even get a lesson or three on doing the crochet if he wants.
While I felt pretty good in myself, even walking around Hobbycraft proved to be too exhausting and I had to take a breather on a bench halfway through. Even though I was thoroughly worn out by 7 I refused to go to bed, so We took a drive at night through New Forest which appeased my need to wander about in the dark for a while now! Nice moon, a hello to the ponies and then home for snooze.
Today I've been catching up on various stuff round the house; as generous friend helped clean my house yesterday I had little else to do but dishes, a bit of laundry to get washed, and then I could finish up my crocheted armwarmers (fudging a bit on the weaving as I don't have a yarn needle). I did some art study in shading, in washes, and drank a considerable amount of tea. Now as the day comes to a close I have freshly laundered sheets to put on my bed, sprog's are currently in for a dry and I'll be getting our beds made for the night.
It's cold but clear outside and the kits have had a wander in the garden this morning. It's looking decidedly autumnal outside, soon time to plant the peas and beans in time for spring.
It was a good day.