Cross Your Fingers....
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I've received the quote now from dtep for the fence and the garden leveling - this is basically Step 2 in the plan to get the garden sorted, and will be submitted now to the Family Fund and then to the Gardens for Disabled Trust group. Hopefully we can manage to get a bit further along, and while we may not be able to get the full vision done this year, we're managing to come along apace.
I am also going to try to convince Gardens for Disabled to register for JustGiving, so that I can link to this blog and try to encourage this charity, as it is the only charity in the UK which actually offers funding for garden adaptations for disabled people. Their funds are very limited, so they're unable to help as many people as there are who need it, and once again I think this is a case of needing to use the internet more effectively.
I am actually grinning today - probably due to the weather! It's absolutely gorgeous outside, not a cloud, and whilst the sun is still rather feeble, it is doing its best to shine. I've been inspired (even through a caffeine withdrawl headache) to make a rather un-English sort of winter stew, drawing on my Native cooking experiences in the US by adding cranberries, apple and some more of the gorgeous local onion squash I picked up at the Wiltshire market - topped up with more English local leeks, mushrooms and a blend of wild game all thrown together with a splash of cider and fresh thyme from my garden.
A client stopped by as she placed a rush order for a friend (which required me to run down to the corner store to buy a few supplies!) and was exceedingly grateful that I was able to put her care package together on such short notice. I love being able to do things like that, and I know word of mouth travels far in this town! So hopefully a bit more business my way.
On top of all this, gardening stuff arrived! I'm turning into a coir block convert; mostly due to the fact that it's easily portable for me and stores better than huge bags. Along with the blocks, I managed to get a huge bucket of wormcast, which I'll blend with the coir and my own compost to pot up whatever I can get into a pot at the moment. Leeks to start, and then I'll pick out a few things sprog and I can grow together, as well as a selection of herbs to grow indoors and out.
Since ex has just called and has a full on Man-Flu developing, I'm really happy the planting stuff arrived today as it's now doubtful sprog will be spending the weekend in London. If the weather holds, we'll be able to plant seeds tomorrow, which is something sprog has been clamouring for since November. I am only too happy to be able to oblige.

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