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Two very playful kittens: CHECK! I'll write more later when we're done playing - and I'm done laughing at how hilarious they are. I have noted that due to being raised in an outdoor run they are not used to sounds - I put some music on and they were all "WTF" so I am now putting on David Attenborough vids on to get them used to voices, music, and noises. Playtime commences! With a bit of a groom and checking out the new lap available. They're so affectionate and trusting.
The old geeza Morgan isn't quite sure who these interlopers are, but he can't be bothered to tell them off, and just watches quietly, somewhat bewildered but never a hiss has he given. He's just lying down nearby and watching them run about. The kittens I think believe he's just a furry rock of some sort - they've sniffed him a few times but have left him be.
The day started out considerably sedate; we had loads of fog this morning and the cobwebs were aglow with dew. I hadn't had a stellar night's sleep thanks to the mutant growth on my shoulder (bleh) but I managed to get four-hour naps. I was up early to get money for the adoption process and I have always loved walking about in the mist - it's as if I'm one of the few people around in the world, and the stillness is wonderful. I decided since I haven't had a decent homecooked meal in a while I would do things up properly, making a casserole from the roast pumpkin and lamb shoulder I didn't really get to enjoy earlier this week, with a bit of gravy and porcino mushrooms. I've decided that pudding is a necessity during fall and as I've been given some apples; so I pulled blackberries out of the freezer and bashed together a crumble, complete with a splash of some organic white wine. It smells heavenly inside the house, and sprog will get some bangers and mash.
I got my stockpile shopping done today; so I have filled my mini-larder with pulses, a huge sack of spuds, some early pumpkins, garlic, loads of onions and fresh ginger for ginger beer. I'm feeling suitably more prepared for the fall and winter months and also rather glad I don't have to tromp about and burn two hours of energy at the supermarket, now I can order online and press a button. Not something I like to rely on however, hence stockpiling. Also, since I didn't bank on getting TWO cats, so I'm a bit worse off for cash for the next two weeks. No extras for a while but I don't mind.
I haven't really had a chance to do much today as pain is still intermittent. A whole lot of sitting about has ensued! But it's allowed me to hang out, and be an accommodating lap in a patch of sun for two lovely kittens - they had best rest up, my son will be home soon!