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This is my Sunday afternoon: a homemade cider, a teatowel-in-progress, tomato and pepper plants cashing in on the sun, and my phone just in case sprog wants to call and let me know how he's doing. After this was grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce (not my lettuce, but soon!), and some homemade Baileys ice cream. Bliss.
I have learned through bitter experience that I'm better off if I do all my major energy-requiring stuff earlier in the day. After about 1pm, I'm on energy-maintenance mode, saving it up to get through the rest of the day. So, bright and early (sprog isn't here, but I can't sleep in for the life of me), I made today a Maintenance Day and worked on a few projects round the house to keep things ticking over. My things need to last, which means keeping them up as well as I can. The hoover needed some TLC, so I took a few bits apart and gave it a going over. The lawn chairs also needed tightening up, and one has managed to break entirely, so I'll need to take that one fully apart and repair it, probably with some wood filler and some tiny nails.
The garden had a full water - the birds haven't done too much damage on the seed, and the watering is encouraging the grass from pre-leveling to come back - and I did some topdressing with some blood/bone meal, on the strawberries, the tomatoes, and the raspbery. I also managed to do a first-stage mow on the front garden, though it still needs a strim (it occurs to me I might need to save up for a much better strimmer as mine is rather naff). Grass trimmings went in the compost, was mixed together like a salad and then watered.
Further plots and plans for the garden are being put forth including raised beds, a bit more patio work, and lots and lots of dirt! We'll see how that shapes up this week.
In the meantime, I'm on catch-up mode this week as I get back into work and do my best to get on schedule for a fair event at the end of this month. I need to get the soap ready and on the curing rack if I want any hope in hades of actually being able to attend, and that means cleaning my completely trashed-out workspace so I can FIND things.
But for now, nice, chilled out sun-time.

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