Inside The Gilded Cage
0 comment Wednesday, August 13, 2014 |

What a lovely day it is today outside! I've been trapped most of the time indoors with illness, overactive child and pouring rain, but today, today is fabulous and I can't wait to get outside, sprawl on the couch and maybe do a bit of painting and just -be- in the moment. I've got to give the sprawly-couch a clean however; all the rain and dirt and so on has soaked it through, and it will probably need a cover for the winter as well.
I've got some berries and herbs to gather - rosehips and elderberries to make the winter syrup for child though I probably can't take them myself due to immunity issues. Still, he's very fond of the stuff and it kept the flu at bay. The tomato plants are still growing like mad as one can see though I haven't really been out to harvest much - growing them up in the main bit of the garden is proving to be a wash as the trees are too high next door to allow any sun to enter there. I'll have to think up something else, though growing them in the bed seems to work nicely. I'm debating starting even more peas though!
Every morning I go and gather some strawberries by just leaning out my window. Lazy gardening at its finest. The cooler weather will come soon and I am not a huge fan or fall or winter due to being trapped in my house most of that time, so I will drink down what I can of the final bits of summer.
Enjoying it.