And I'Ll Throw In A Squee!
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I opened a letter today and out dropped a cheque for �750! Hurrah! This is thanks to Gardening for Disabled Trust, who graciously put forth funding to help with putting in a few more levels in the garden as well as some raised beds. I'm so very chuffed! This amount is more than likely going to finish the garden for us - and then the best bit of adding plants and doing the actual gardening bit awaits.
Good grief, this has all come together, and I can't believe it. There aren't enough YAYs in the English language right now.
Cheque deposited and will wait to hear from DTEP with regard to finishing the garden off. In the meantime, I'm watering and compost-mulching everything in the garden. I've discovered the Warrior Compost I bought is VERY drying; it drains fast and dries almost as hard as clay. This is somewhat disappointing, so I'll be working some basic compost in when I'm planting the toms and sunflowers up.
I'm doing a kind of lasagna bed set up for the remaining potato tub and for the squash; I did similar for the squash last year with decent results, though the placing was poor and they were too shaded. I'm aiming for a lot more sun this time round and adding even more items for the mulch, including half-rotted compost. I'm really going to pack this in and we'll see how we do.
My first hazelnut tree and elderflower are doing well; it's their first year and so far, so good. However, I will probably transfer the hazel to the back garden, as I'd like another one in order to actually get some nuts from the trees in a few years, and they'll need more space. Coppicing is a possibility but the hazel would need to be a lot bigger first. What I'd like is a truffle/hazelnut tree as I'm a huge fan of mushrooms, and I could get two-for-one. Truffles are lovely, but gods knows I can't afford to buy them!
The cherry tree is setting its first blooms, which is pretty exciting! Only a few, but it's a good sign I think. I don't expect any cherries this year but at least it seems the tree likes where it is at the moment. I'm still considering the mulberry, and a pear-minarette provided I can keep the dog off it! Where they'll go, I've no idea, but those are plots and plans for another year.
All in all, things are going well and I'm very pleased with garden progress this year. I imagine Sprog is going to want to water the garden all by himself again today, and he was so chuffed yesterday that I'm more than willing to oblige. After all, that's what this is all about.

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