Where Did Our Spring Go? (A Voting-Day-Free-Blog)
0 comment Thursday, August 14, 2014 |
Le-sigh. I don't want to talk about the election. At all. It fills me with such depression that I am avoiding it entirely. Don't even go there about the "people died to allow you to vote" thing. I think voting and politics are useless and I refuse to discuss it. My blog, so there.
My apathy seems to be reflected in the weather today which is dreary in the extreme; the allergies I'm having at the moment aren't making things any better as I have been hacking, wheezing and sniffing most of the day. And COLD. Good grief, when did this cold-stuff start happening again? Turning on the electric blankets in May is just wrong, y0.
Today would be the type of day to head to the seaside so I could recharge by the waves. I don't visit the ocean enough; it soothes me, and I've never felt at ease in a landlocked area. In the UK you're never really that far from the sea, which for me is a good thing, but sometimes, I still need to see it.
I think I need to make it a mission to go to the seaside at least once a year, on my own, just do my thing. It is so incredibly rare for me to take any sort of trips away from home by myself as I always find a reason not to - mostly due to expense. This summer, however, I have a whole week to myself without sprog, and it seems a perfect time to take a wee day trip somewhere for a blow along the front somewhere. Probably whilst wrapped in a blanket against the cold if past summers have been any indication, but still!
For today, however, I'll be pottering about best I can; the cold seeping in the house isn't helping my mobility today, but I've plenty of tasks indoors to keep me occupied, and I'm glad I got my outdoor stuff done yesterday. Bread needs making, and dinner needs sussing out. The grey skies will pass.
And the grey skies will pass.