Little Bit Of Harvest
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Today the sun is shining outside like mad and I am determined to get out there in it before taking my medication for the day as it tends to knock me for six. I've also been "garden grazing" this morning, checking on crops, slug damage, and picking and eating whatever takes my fancy; pea pods, raspberries, strawberries, loganberries, a leaf of lettuce, and a sprig of mint. I'll be bringing mint in for tea, harvesting one of the entire sage plants in the next month with much pomp and ceremony since it is one of my sacred herbs, lavender bunches and amazing marigolds that look like gerberas. Our huge sunflower grows well and will provide food for birds during the winter, and I share my toasted muesli with the blackbirds which have double-nested this year.
The chimney experts were here and as per usual tried to sell me lining; no thanks, I'd rather have someone check to see if I need it first before I plunk down �1,000 on lining alone on a house that isn't even technically mine. So a camera will be sent up the chimney flue to see whether or not the mortar is all sorted which should cost a few hundred quid. If it's all right, then we'll proceed, if not, I may just skip it and heat the lower bit with an extra space heater though it's ridiculously expensive; there's a lot up in the air.
Child's summer break comes soon and I have just realised (ugh) that I have hospital appointments the day after child is off from school. This is a worry of mine, honestly; I have a lot of appointments and blood tests I have to take and none of this stuff is anything I can wait on, yet at the same time I cannot go dragging a hyperactive autistic child along with me for blood tests. I keep trying to find solutions but there's precious few options. I'll wrack my brains a bit more.
Still trying to plot out things to do with child which won't cost the earth or exhaust me and I'm coming up a blank. This maybe is due to just being Monday which is hard for me anyway to concentrate (even though child was with his father this weekend it was anything but restful). Everything involves not just planning for child but also planning for me whether or not I will have taken the chemo drugs, had my reactions, come out the other side, had a flare, dealing with fatigue...yeah. But we'll see what we can do, as I miss our times out.
For now, a walk in sunshine before I fill my body with poison. Raise a glass in my honour!

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