Back To The Groove
0 comment Saturday, August 30, 2014 |
We've managed to finish most of our stockpile stash over the Easter Holidays; taking my son shopping is much too difficult a task, so we eat what is here and I stock up when I have money and time. This is a pretty crucial time right now, actually, as the garden isn't producing yet, and it's too nice out for me to resort to bean soups, which I tend to enjoy during cooler weather. Right now, it's all about barbecues and fresh fruits, and this means we tend to rely on more meats and fresh produce rather than the larder items.
But I've not baked bread in a while now, and I've noted I'm nearly out of flour. I wanted to make some cakes, but I have no eggs. I'm drinking the decaf tea because it's all that's left. I'm nearly out of my home-made washing powder as well. Argh! I hate being low on supplies, it sets off an alarm system in the back of my head thanks to all those years when I was in a much worse state than now.
So it's back to the routine on Tuesday of going in for a huge stockpile shop. I have to go into town for this and will be taking a cab back, but in a few months I'll have a debit card again and won't have to trundle about so much, but can have my shopping delivered. It also means I can buy more for less - I'll be getting my spelt and kamut flower in bulk directly from the supplier rather than at retail prices, which is good news as I enjoy and prefer to bake my own bread whenever I can. I can also invest in a lot more of the borax substitute powder and keep making my own, which is better for my son's skin and also for my pocketbook.
Today has been further plant-faff; yesterday I mucked about with the compost bin, giving it another shift-and-turn, spreading a bit of the compost over my plants, and starting my final potato tub with compost and paper shred. I've also started the compost-planting ring for my squash, which I've decided to put in the front garden to keep the dog out of it! However, I'm not convinced I'll be able to keep the local yobs from lobbing my pumpkins, but hope springs eternal. Just need to keep an eye on them in October! Again, I'm using the compost as well as cut grass from the front garden to plant the squash in, and as we're heading out of frost time, they should be safe to put outside soon! The tomatoes are in dire need of being placed as well, and though I have no raised beds yet to put them in, I'm going to put them along the wall on sprog's bit of garden, probably in some windowbox containers. Then I can support them by securing them to the fence, and they'll get plenty of sun all day long. The sunflowers will also get the windowbox treatment, along the other side of the fenceline where all the weeds are. I figure I can place the boxes there and choke the weeds out, even though I am doing my best to pull them as I find them, but in this hard-baked clay, not the easiest of tasks!
I'm back to working on promoting business, as well as making plans for sending my things out for others to sell for me during the summer months, when getting out and about to do fairs and things is just too difficult for me. Yes, I am going to try to keep working; I don't think I could do without it entirely, but I am cutting back as much as I can. I am on the waiting list to talk to an occupational therapist, and then see about doing some house modification so life isn't so difficult for me round the house. On top of this, of course, is the usual cleaning, cooking, and everything else I do in order to keep the house running and things going smooth. Sprog is actually trying to help in this regard, and has been doing "cleaning" (a given value of) and watering plants on his own, which I am awarding .20p for in order to keep him keen. Since he buys his own toys these days, with a bit of help from me if he wants something large, this is a good trade off.
I've got loads of soap to make in the next week, but I'm low on supplies, so I will have to stick to salt bars for now, which I hope will sell well. There's unfortunately going to be a fair bit of competition there, but the thing most people don't realise about Salisbury is how "local" they are - if they don't know you, they don't buy from you, and I'm a well known face round here. So we'll hope for some good business, and maybe I can even finish perfecting the bubble bars in time as I want to offer something new.
So, gettin' back to it today...and that means doing the dishes and laundry now as well as measuring up my oils for my first batch of the day.