Another Day
0 comment Monday, August 11, 2014 |
...another flare. I was up at 3am as the pain was too difficult to cope with; I'd been in a cold sweat the whole night and my sheets were soaked (a rather unfortunate and embarrassing aspect of fibro is night sweats). I came downstairs to watch a movie and check on the kitties, let Morgan in the house and fed him as well. He's taking the intrusion well but is a little weirded out; and of course he wants to eat their food! I keep chasing him off, but then he thinks I'm not allowing him to eat his own, and gets that rather feral-look on his face when he's stressed. He's upstairs at the moment, the boys are downstairs, sulking. It's time for his winter diet, in any event, and I'll be swapping him over to light food next month, mixing it with his current food to get him used to the change.
The wee boys were very hungry after not eating much yesterday, so ate well this morning. They need a bit of feeding up - I don't think the adult food they were on did them any favours, especially with the start they'd had. One of the boys has only half a tail (it was broken when he was a kit and snapped off; thankfully he survived). The other lad had a herniated umbilical, but it's healed now. They've just come off antibiotics for a cough and have recovered from the trials of early kittenhood.
They've been renamed: the half-tailed lad is Voodoo, and sprog has named the skinnier one Jester. After a hard morning of lots of food and running around like mad, they've been mobbing both me and sprog to try and figure out which of us make the better kittybed. Voodoo is the most people-oriented and always needs to sleep on my chest or shoulder. Jester is a bit more pre-possessed but when he's really tired gets somewhat cranky, so I have to be sure he beds down with his brother.
Today is going to be rather sedate. The lack of sleep for the past few nights is catching up with me, and my energy levels are rubbish. Just keeping up with laundry and dishes is proving an effort. I'm going to reserve what I have for sprog's return after school today, but this weekend he's off with his father, so I can go into full-on recovery mode. It's a bit boring, but after thinking I was recovering a bit yesterday afternoon and doing a bit more than I should have, the pain and inflammation got considerably worse in the evening, which wasn't a fun experience.
While I had hoped to pay my bills today, the chances I'm going to be able to get out of the house is rather slim. I'm going to attempt to give the antibiotics another day to work and hope there's marked improvement so I can at least somewhat function. Being damn near bedridden is for the birds.