Stage 3 Complete
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Thanks again to Independent Gardening for sorting out the final level and the steps. Note the clothesline however is rather inconveniently placed....however I never use the thing and will be taking it down anyway. It's now a matter of growing the grass again, then probably filling in all the patchy bits during the fall when I have a bit more money and time.
This has been a huge undertaking, quite the trip, but it's been worth it. Today I harvested the first of my strawberries, some of my onions for fajitas and staked up my third sowing of peas, which is doing nicely. The few bits of swiss chard that made it are doing nicely and I'm looking forward to that very soon. I've planted a few things along the fence line and will let them fill in and do their thing. Overall, I'm very impressed and grateful with all the work so far.
There are some humps and hiccups and probably always will be - not the least of which at the moment is whether or not I'm going to end up losing my patio space due to needing to extend the house for further accommodation for me on first floor so I don't have to go upstairs quite so much. I'm not really certain how things will go but the first set of assessments is going to be happening in which everything is taken into account, from my son to my ability to try to keep the house clean, to trying to give myself care and (gasp! dare I say???) actually having a social life and doing stuff I want to do for a change. It's funny (not really in a ha-ha way) I just seem to go from one project to another, Taking Care of Business. Hopefully in the near future I can rest on my laurels a bit and enjoy.
The garden is definitely an improvement on former designs and it does afford a lot more comfort and peace of mind than in its previous incarnation. In a future post I'll reflect on things a bit more, what I liked, what I felt I could have done differently, what worked, and what really didn't. But for now, I'm just watering, weeding, spreading some woodshavings down and savouring a strawberry - man, this strawberry is awesome. After this last week, such simplicity is a gods-send.
Lovin' it.

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