Clematis Ahoy!
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Okay, I admit it - I have NO idea how this is going to work out. They're in very tiny pots and absolutely have to be planted out ASAP, but the ground is so rubbish and I've no dirt. I've put them in my stony ground with lashings of blood, bone and fish meal, water, and hope. One of the less massive ones has gone in my trellised bench out front, and one along the fence in the back. I've got one more, and the bush mallow, which are waiting until works are done on 12 June.
I desperately need to paint the fence this year because I probably won't have another chance; I'm supposed to trim back all the clematis next spring to about 2 feet high, and then add some stakes so they can grow up the fence and really get their grow on. Right now it's all about the root system, and I have to admit they'll have pretty hard going in this really horrible soil.
But there are a lot of wild-growing clematis in this area which seem to be doing just fine, so we should be fine. I just think they're such a lovely, cottage-y sort of plant, and they'll look wonderful growing along the fence, I think. It gives me a giggle that I'm raising what is looking to be a traditional cottage/herb garden in such a ramshackle house. I am looking forward to getting everything settled in the ground this summer, then tending it all for as long as I can.
Everything is getting enthusiastic about the summer; the few swiss chard plants I managed to rescue are now several inches high, and the strawberries are looking to be a HUGE crop. Tomatoes are well established and putting forth their flowers and I see the tiny buds of setting fruit. The resowing of peas (third time lucky!) are coming up and hopefully will DO something this time. And I'm starting to harvest salad onions from the large stash of red onion sets. The hollyhocks are growing big-style and will be ready for their permanent home outside the Wumpy-House in due course, and the flowers are just starting to open their buds all over the garden. Sprog and I laid some cardboard down to make another bed, which I'll be layering in with compost for next year planting once the herbs are a bit larger, but for now the osteopermums, perennials and the lavender will go into that space when the levelling is done, and I'll be growing more squash as well - and hopefully keeping the dog out of it!
I'm facing a fair bit of uncertainty in my future - anyone who is disabled with a disease that isn't visible probably already has the same fears - but at least I can keep my garden growing, and it will bring me food and beauty to keep me doing my thing regardless. I'll put my roots in deep here, and reach for the sun.

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