Wish Granted!
0 comment Friday, June 20, 2014 |
My wish for new cats has been granted two-fold; the home visit happened spur-of-the-moment tonight and even though sprog was here, he was quiet and she didn't ask questions about why his behaviour seemed a bit strange...and I didn't fill her in.
End result, I am holding in my hand the signed agreement for the two lovely young chaps I met on Monday, and they'll be here on Thursday morning. I'm so very chuffed! Sprog was rather sanguine - to him, it was a done deal that kittens were coming and so he didn't hop around like I expected him to. "Bring my cats, please," he said, and then went off to play. Bless him.
So I've set to shopping: new trays for litter, some kitten food and making sure I won't have to leave house that day. I imagine a friend or two will come round to give the kitties a proper fuss as they're rather pet-mad.
It's been a good end to a rather dreary day - the cyst on my shoulder has managed to triple in size and is a huge, angry, hot red. It hurts to move my arm, hurts to have the weight of my shirt on it, hurts to lie down, hurts to move. I'm on strong antibiotics four times a day to take the inflammation down and in a few months I'll have it surgically removed (and about time, too!) But it has meant I've had a very very boring day; couldn't sew or write and couldn't ride the train to my class as the Dr felt travel might make it rupture! Sigh.
So I've caught up on perfectly boring stuff instead - doing my stockpile shopping online and going round the house to eye things to declutter a bit over the winter. It was a bit of a "I'll do this when I can move my arm" kind of day, sadly, though I did get the dishes done - that was about it! But I'm also exploring some new recipes and doing some menu-planning for the month. A dear friend of mine who has been completely invaluable in helping me out over the summer is now going through some rather dire straits cash-wise, so I'm going to be trying to help her out a bit if I can. I owe considerably.
I'll be without my laptop this weekend as ex re-installs some of my work and programmes from my old drive, which means I'll be doing things longhand again for a while - but I'll also have plenty of feline company as well so I shouldn't feel too bored. I will admit that while I don't think of animals as children, I have missed having a cat curled up nearby while I write or draw or work on some project or other - Morgan can't be bothered to hang out, really, but these two lads probably won't leave my side!
In the end, a good day.