A Grand Day Out
0 comment Friday, June 20, 2014 |
This weekend I did a lot of lazing about and not much in particular, which was good for me; the past few weeks have been very draining and I'm still trying to recover. However I'm also trying to remind myself that I'm also essentially trying to recover from the past eight months, and it's going to take time.
So Saturday was not much of anything but a bit of laundry here, a bit of cleaning there (but not much), a nap when needed and a BBQ of one with Pimms and entirely too much food, some of which I'll be boiling into stock and freezing for times when I cannot get the energy to do much.
Yesterday my local Florence Nightingale whisked me off for a day trip - these are becoming regular weekend things now! We toured around Somerset and I feel in love with this beautiful West Country all over again, beautiful cottages and stone walls and hilly countryside. Bliss.
Eventually, we made our way to Cheddar Gorge; I haven't been there since just before sprog was born when the ex and I made a last "bid for freedom" and toured about for an entire weekend, going from Anglesey and back again. I remember buying loads of cider and a bunch of cheese last time, and this time was pretty much the same! The ex made a rushed order over the phone when he realised where I was, and we came back laden with various ciders, cave-aged cheddars, port cheddars, oak smoked cheddars....you get the idea. Then back again through the countryside for a stop at the local PYO and even more raspberries and loganberries. Yesterday I ate a whole wedge of cheese with crackers, loganberries and a glass of sweet scrumpy. I wasn't even remotely apologetic about it, either.
Today has cooled considerably, and I'll be out to do the watering again, then a bit more laundry and pottering about before the week of Even More Appointments and telephone calls begins. Time to get to it, and I'll make some bean soup with the bbq bones today. Smells amazing already!