Move Is A Go....Now What?
0 comment Sunday, June 8, 2014 |
Toward the end of the day, the OT called me and told me I had been granted eligible for the Move On assistance grant from Disabilities Facilities Grant. Basically, this means they feel it would be cheaper in the long run for me to move, and I actually agree. The house is falling apart and I don't want to invest any more time fixing it up - and then running the risk of the landlord sending me packing once he realises he can charge even more cash for the place.
So, great ...but now what do I do?
Well, now I have to find a house; and here's what really stings - I am going to officially be Benefit Scrounging Scum, and that means landlords avoid anyone who receives DSS. Full stop. The fact that I have never once been late on rent, that I am aiming for houses which I could pay for even if DSS was late, that I will have a pretty reasonable amount of funding available once everything is sorted (and I have no intention on moving till otherwise) doesn't matter. Yes, I understand a lot of the hesitation is due to the fact the Council doesn't have a stellar track record with regard to payments, that the forms are a nightmare, that the legislation means landlords pick up the slack if the renter bails.
But the main issue, plain and simple, is the prejudice of not wanting "those people" in their homes. No matter my rental record, no matter my references, no matter the work I've put into homes and the effort I put into cleaning them as best as possible before departing. It's just a no.
Technically however there is a loophole - which we could never afford before - in which you put down six months' rent in as a deposit. This is a possibility and an offer which many landlords won't tend to turn down as the cash is there, just in case something goes totally pearshaped. However, again where the issue comes in is I have to convince the Move On assistance office that this money qualifies as an expense.
This shouldn't be difficult really: have a good look at housing for rent and you'll spot the same themes over and over again - no children, no pets, no DSS. I often wonder who these landlords intend on renting to at the prices they offer; obviously to people who would rarely actually be home, but just want a house that looks nice. I don't want a dollhouse, I want to LIVE there.
The perk of the Move On grant is that I don't just have to take the first thing around; I can tailor it to my needs, and also take my son's needs into consideration - for example, I need a shower but my son completely freaks out in a shower, so he needs a bath (and no, contrary to what the OT suggested, putting my son in a big portable plastic tub and expecting him to bathe in it is a stupid idea). A bungalow is always nice, sure, and very accessible but at the same time they are more expensive than detached buildings and you get less space. In addition, bungalows are usually on nice, retired estates where having children around hooting and howling is greatly frowned upon - and there's no chance I'll get child to stay quiet!
A garden is also necessary, but it needs to be easy for me to walk about in, and safe to allow sproggo to run about mostly unsupervised. And yes, while I'm saying goodbye to the lovely garden built for me, I'm already planning on lifting most of the plants and taking them with me somehow. I won't be leaving them here!
I'd like an open and working fireplace because I get cold at night and I don't want to crank the heating in the entire house if just heating one room will do - but obviously it's not safe to have an open fire round child. And, naturally, due to both mine and sprog's conditions, the possibility of being able to pack, shift, and unpack everything on my own is ludicrous and shan't be happening. I need help will all that stuff, and with the cleaning on this end, and getting out and about to view houses...on and on and on.
I've got my wishlist at the moment and now I'm keeping an eye out. Granted, this is possibly the worst time to move as the holidays are approaching, but I think if I'm ready by about February I'm good to go.
Now I've got raging pinkeye and just trying to look at the screen is making me spare. Going to do an eyebright soak and hope I can get it under control. Thankfully sprog doesn't have it.