Sleep? Yeah, Sure...
0 comment Sunday, June 8, 2014 |
Honestly, sleep I seem to be getting. I just don't feel as if I've ever managed to get enough. It's bright outside but definitely chilly, even my old geezer of a cat is feeling it as he's a bit stiff in the ol' hindquarters. So am I for that matter.
I did manage to cut the lawn yesterday in the back, which was long overdue, and will have to get the front sorted because, yay, there's a house inspection next week in which a childfree 20-something on the fast-track can tell me I suck at keeping my windowsills completely dust-free; and of course that is vitally important. Grrrr.
The good news at the moment is that I do NOT have to move as I thought I would do. Ex saw the light on that one at least and will stay on the lease so I don't have to go through all the credit check stuff. I do want to move someday, but it won't be till sprog is in secondary school.
In the meantime, I'm doing as much garden tidying as I can, getting all the beds cleared out of weeds and piling on grass cuttings to work into the soil in the spring. I no longer have poo-patrols to worry about (a small, guilty YAY inserted here) so the stuff can go right onto my flower beds and no worries. Sprog's clothes for school are all repaired and sewed up, pressed and ready to go for the coming year. In a few days we'll be starting the routine for him to begin year 2 and hopefully it won't be anywhere near as bad as last year.
With the year turning I'm hoping my energy level picks up a bit; but I am probably going to need a few weeks' of recovery from the whole summer thing, and then I can get myself back on track here at home. Right now I don't have the energy for much, if anything.