No Rest For The Wicked
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Meds have been suitably administered, treatment of skin-reaction to tape and adhesives done as well (curse it, that seems to be alive and well). I don't need injections at the moment but I am taking aspirin daily for the next two weeks till the chestpain clinic when I have some more heart tests. I have to say that the consultant I got was AWESOME (and he snickered when I said that, it's a very American word and he actually loves the US, just isn't all that pleased with the healthcare - we had a long rap-session for a while, really cool doc). And everyone was bril to me which really balanced out the last few times I've dealt with A & E. Full blessings to those folks!
I am taking my somewhat-radioactive self into town shortly to sort out the Housing paperwork I was sitting on for a while. I know applying for it now is probably going to get held up as my situation will change quite rapidly in a few months but if I get some backpay I should be able to cover myself for a while. I don't exactly know where I'll be moving to though I am going to try and stay near my friends for the sake of social interaction (social interaction? What's that? I remember it vaguely....)
I'm going to get my potatoes into their growing sacks but for the sake of springtime considerations, I'm not planting much else for now as I'll only have to move it. It can wait until I sort things out and I am somewhat settled. I am still going to work in the garden as I tidy it up and prepare it for spring, certainly in better shape than it was when I got here, which I hope will excuse the state of the house's interior as I doubt I'll be able to afford to have the full-on-cleaners and house painting when I depart the place. Again, I've got the photos of what the place looked like before I started working on the garden if he wants to argue, there's at least �5,000 of work done out there. I'll miss the garden, but I'll be sure I'll have another. And proper access to the front of the house for a scooter would be fab, too!
For now, I've got to get the slow wheels and gears of the System turning and have The Talk with the Ex about how his life is about to get incredibly "inconvenient" in six weeks' time.
At least it's a niceish day outside!
Right, Ex talk given although I bit my tongue about having him and the New Squeeze round my house to pick and choose what they'd want to take to their place; sorry but the eccentric aunt has not died so relatives can rush over and see who gets the silverware first! I will tell him what he can have, he can decide to keep it or he can arrange to sell it if she thinks it has the wrong colour/energy-vibration/whatever. But they're not playing newlywed-shopping in my house.
Child will be back later tonight and I'll be putting together a cribsheet of care; two weekends a month is NOT sufficient to know what sprog can or cannot handle and there are things I'm certain ex isn't aware of at all that I need to fill him in on (sprog's intolerance to non-homogenised milk for one). We'll progress with that as we go.
I've got the school visits to cancel and the next few months will be rather tumultuous. I'm going to just hang in there best I can, but do expect I may go rather quiet for a while as I will be in a state of flux. However, it is a state I have been in before, and I am capable of coping with it. Not pleasant but it won't end me, either.

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