Early Easter
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I've been having a busy couple of days! The coming early Easter party (as child will be with his dad for Easter proper) has been in the planning for a few and I've been pulling all the strands together. Dyeing eggs was definitely on the agenda and so I set up for a small production of doing the dye - most of it turned out rather well.
I did these with food colouring and a bit of vinegar, although I wasn't certain the yellow was going to take on brown eggs, and I was right! *sigh* I even tried for green instead but just got something even MORE brown, which was a shame. I found that if I squirted food colouring directly onto the eggs I could get a rather freaky tie-dye effect and one of the eggs (a blue-green one) looks really impressive this way! The red took very well. I know child has zero intention of eating these but the other kids who are coming might do. Failing that they'll be placed as offerings for Astarte beneath my offering tree or I'll just eat them myself (due to the dye I'm not comfortable putting these out for animals).
I did cakes as well and have pulled out some of the tea-party swag and a few other decorations which I had from previous masked balls (feather butterflies which I forgot I had, for one!). So we've got these eggs to hunt, some foiled chocolate eggs (the ones child is REALLY interested in), some plastic eggs filled with more chocolate, a chocolate egg each for the kids, even more chocolate rabbits, the possibility of a BBQ as it's not too rubbish outside today, loads of fruit, elderflower cordial, crisps and whatever else everyone wants to eat.
Also - uber-garden seating has arrived. Oh. My. Goddess. Can I just give a SQUEEEEEE here right now? I LOVE THIS. I can't believe how big it is! It takes up most of the patio space and is absolutely massive! I am so very very chuffed with it and child is over the moon. We both can easily sprawl on it together and he can wump all over the place without ramming an elbow or a knee into me and crippling me for the rest of the day, there's so much ROOM. I am ever so pleased and it simply begs for me to sit on it outside all day long. It's so large I had to move quite a few of my plants, and the strawberry towers will need to be placed elsewhere so they can get some sun as this thing completely shades the whole area behind it. It's WONDERFUL. I've had to try and peel the child off it already several times to clean his room, but I rather think we'll be eating outside today for our first al-fresco meal together.
It was looking as if it was going to be rather grey and dreary outside but flecks of sunlight are trying to burn through the clouds. It won't be a hugely warm day but it will be warm enough to soak up a bit of sun, and I am all too happy to do so before the party kicks off. I need this day today, a bit of fun and chocolate and catching up with friends, and the three lads are amazingly compassionate and enjoy my son's company so I don't feel the necessity to rush round making sure child hasn't hurt/offended/fighting with anyone.
Today is a good day.

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