The Waiting Game
0 comment Thursday, May 22, 2014 |
This is probably the worst part, really: waiting to see what applications get approved, which ones get denied, which ones I have to appeal, what I have to chase up. I have set up an appointment with another GP who is an associate Dr in the hopes her street cred will be enough for various services to take seriously as it seems they just ignore locums outright (frustrating in the extreme for them I'm sure). Going to try and get my specialist at hospital to get on board as well, and the chest clinic. All this sort of stuff needs handling, really, but there's waiting to be done. Lots of waiting.
The upswing of this is I am getting a lot of things sorted which I had put off as just not having the energy for: asthma clinics (as my asthma has returned with a vengeance in the past year and a half after decades of no trouble), blood tests for iffy stuff, pain clinics and other management clinics until an actual answer is sorted, referrals and so forth. Bios for artwork gigs and more writing to try and keep working as long as I can manage it. Things are happening, slowly, ever so slowly.
There's still a lot up in the air; got a Tribunal which I'm not so sure I'll even attend as it's an arse to get there and I don't need the distraction. I need to focus best I can at the moment and if it isn't going to be of immediate benefit to me right this moment, I cannot be arsed whatsoever.
Day is dreary and I have stuff to do, pottering round the house and trying to get my head round the tasks required so I can be ready to Go Forth By Day when the time comes.
Stay busy. Don't watch the clock.