Got News?
0 comment Wednesday, May 21, 2014 |
One Month Before Heartbreak snowballed in a way neither I nor the founders at Broken of Britain expected, methinks. What started as a few people's grim determination to yell into the silence became a rallying cry for many people; people who were convinced they didn't have the strength to fight, didn't have anything of use to say, didn't have any hope. People bared their souls for the blog entries, digging up a huge amount of courage to do so, and it was amazing. There are nearly 500 more signatures on the DLA petition which have been added in the past 24 hours and several charities have also joined in the fray.
However, perhaps due to the crisis in Tunsinia and the flooding in several countries, the papers are still strangely silent. Nothing on BBC news. Nothing in the Guardian but towards the back lost from the main page. Nothing from the governing bodies. We're amassing and we're ready to shout, but the Powers Wot Be still have their ears plugged tight and are averting their eyes.
It's not on, really.
So another day into the breech, as it seems the campaign has gone viral. I'm sure that Emma, Bendy, Rhydian and all the others who have been putting this together are exhausted today and running low on spoons and on a weekend I have to provide full one-on-one to my son, however I will be submitting two previously-written entries which are here on this blog: O Son My Son and Work Will Not Solve Everything. I'm hoping we can keep hammering on the wall which the media and government have kettled us into to keep our protesting quiet. Eventually we'll break through. Stick at it, and persevere.
Today for me, I'm baking brioche and blueberry muffins, dedicating the day my son and I as we bake and cook together and plot and plan over the garden seeds which are arriving. These are the days cuts cannot take from me, even if they try, and I savour them.