Keeping Focus
0 comment Thursday, May 22, 2014 |
With the announcement of the grant, I've been decidedly over the moon - this is good, because this month I have also been hit with a bunch of bills, most of which are annual . Once they're done, I don't have to worry about them for another year, but the timing is still frustrating. The hand-me-down telly has died, I need more potting soil for the loads of shallots and onions and my indoor houseplants, and so plans of the freezer I was going to get is on hold. There are times when it feels like two steps forward, two steps back. It's worth reminding myself to take a deep breath, not panic, and look at how far I've managed to come.
It's still cold outside, so I keep the strawberries covered at night to minimise frost damage; the cherry tree, whilst there are buds here and there, hasn't broken into bloom yet so not so worried. The brambles are starting to set forth new leaves, and I'm watching with anticipation; I'll be picking these fresh leaves for tonic before they are culled this month and cleared. I water sparingly from my nearly-overflowing rainbarrel (it was blocked when I moved in and I haven't managed to get enough water out to clear it, but working on it), and I'm plotting where to move my elder and hazelnut saplings - probably pots for now. Sprog asks nearly daily about peas and carrots, and though I've little soil to pot up with and the ground is much too cold, I'll try and find some seeds he might want to put into indoor pots and try to free up another windowsill.
Donated seeds are still arriving! Sunflowers coming this weekend (that will be perfect timing!) and hopefully I can clear up the beds out front for the bulbs to start doing their thing. Bluebells are all around my garden, sending forth their leaves, and I absolutely adore bluebells! The wild primroses are springing up as well, and I have considered moving them somewhere where they won't get squashed when the garden works begin.
So yes, cashwise I'm nigh on broke right now - money for the business goes right out into ordering more supplies! Yet, I have enough supplies to give myself a rhassoul-and-honey facial, fill my bath with fragrant bath milk, and give myself a scrub with homemade soap. I can plant and plan and plot and watch the garden start to burst forth.
Life isn't so grim, really.