Sometimes I Need Reminding
0 comment Wednesday, May 7, 2014 |
The trip yesterday was unfortunately not very relaxing. The Roman Baths are amazing architecture, but any feeling of history or "sacred site" is erased by the oh-so-modern glass and metal and the 20-somethings treating the whole thing like an Ibiza holiday. Chairs too tiny for me to sit in comfortably, everything built down low to the floor so I had to struggle to stand up, tiny elevators which took ages to come up and down as the majority of people were too lazy to use stairs (thus making the disabled in chairs wait for ages to get up and down floors), and the train home an hour and a half late so I only just got in the door when child was brought back by childminders. True, I've got some gorgeous fudge from Bath, but yesterday was more of a trial than an enjoyment. I'm feeling exhausted and every joint aches. Heigh ho.
But when I got home, my doorstep was crammed with boxes and bags; loads more items arrived from bargain shopping and a bit of online rummaging. I eagerly brought everything indoors and upwrapped a new serger/overlocker machine with a dizzying array of threads and attachments, cardboard boxes ready for painting which I'll be doing today, several sets of tea from the Mighty Leaf Tea company. I think I was more excited than I had been all day.
So this morning I have Mayan chocolate tea in my cup, woollen socks on, a candle burning on the altar space and I'm planning my painting day. I have an impromptu tea party planned for child once he gets home from school with a tea of his choice and battenberg cake. I'm really excited to break out the paints and work on these small boxes and hoping I can put together some interesting designs and ideas. I almost got started last night but was too exhausted. The compost and manure I ordered will be here soon as well - I hope today - so child and I can get outside and "digging" - the trees are heeled in but need to be properly settled, all my indoor house plants need doing as well.
Today I am going to be a staunch homebody. And sometimes, I need the bustle of the outside world to remind me that I'm honestly not missing much.