I'M In Love With Little Things
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I've managed another shopping spree with a definite purpose in mind on all counts:
The Beast computer runs well and I am more than pleased with it. It was a bit of a "didn't quite need it really" buy but now I have it I am very very happy. And technology has certainly passed me by over the past decade as I have tried to learn the whole system from scratch, which took a lot of work but getting there in the end.
New flexible wrist supports so I can wear them without them interfering with everyday stuff like typing and painting, yet the support is there. And they're deep blue, not that utterly naff beige colour. Look better and feel better than the last pair.
The incredibly overgrown garden is getting sorted with some Wolf Garten loppers once they arrive and a cordless strimmer which uses blades, NOT that nylon stuff. So all I have to do us tighten with a spanner rather than trust to my rather dodgy wrist and hand power. I will be so happy when that arrives as the garden is in a terrible state right now and desperately needs sorting out.
Microbrushes have also been purchased. Hand control when painting is still a problem for me and I've had a hell of a time getting brushes which were fine enough for me to get really good detail in. Now, I've got brushes that can - they're the kinds of brushes people use when they're painting models and so on, so they're absolutely tiny tiny, and I'm looking forward to using them. Especially important for me as my busy season of prepping for Halloween-on sales in painting and so forth is coming up and I have to be able to do it justice as I've been way too slack.
Garden harvest is still happening and it even looks like my raspberries are going to give me one last handful of berries before they give up for the year. The strawberries are producing huge berries for me and the winter tatties are going into the ground. The pace here is slow and steady due to my own rather low energy reserves, but we're managing with cups of tea and smiles.

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