Heading Into The Wet
0 comment Thursday, May 8, 2014 |
It's been raining for a week straight; the grass I was worried about whether or not it would be "in" in time for summer is now nearly six inches long and very lush and green. No problems there! The issue has been it's been too wet for sprog to go out - he's outgrown his welly boots and due to the early season change there's no wellies on sale yet.
Even though it was raining considerably since Monday, we went and picked some blackberries, and this weekend I'll be picking the elderberries in my back garden for sirip. Unfortunately, I'm not going to get much a crop of rosehips - even though rosehips are red in town, up here on the heath they're still green. I don't know if they'll change in time, but I'll try to collect enough to add to the elderberry sirip if I can manage it.
The dahlias are being brought indoors - they're beautiful, white with purple tips, and I've got them in bouquets all over my house, along with some roses. The sunflowers are staying outside and I hope they've got enough time to make seeds, but I've no idea. My squash is manfully trying to produce two fruits even in this miserable weather. The leeks and the chard and chicory are doing just fine outside, and I'm just making sure I keep the slug pellets down. Otherwise, everything else is in and I'm keeping an eye on the apples; I'll be bringing in a fair few of these and boxing them up for use in the winter in crumbles and pies.
All in all, I've had a good start I think to getting food into the house through growing and also transforming the garden into a beautiful space. There's still things to do, of course - quite a bit, honestly! But I'm hoping for a couple of dry days and enough energy to get a start on putting the garden to bed for the winter, tidying up the tat and mowing the garden one last time.