Getting Geared Up For Spring
0 comment Tuesday, May 6, 2014 |
Sprog and I spent a little time sorting through our saved seeds, in order to make a decision on what to grow. Moving plans are still up in the air but I've decided to carry on anyway. It may mean I won't be able to do squash this year, however, but everything else should be all right. The squash seeds are all rather old now anyway (with the exception of the Orange Hubbard which I have had for a year in the freezer). There's a really nice selection here of peppers, tomatoes of the paste varieties, carrots of three different types - got a bit ambitious! - leeks, shallots, and various lettuces. There's also tonnes - TONNES - of potatoes as I overdid it once again and ordered way, way too many. But child would eat tatties for every meal if he could.
The order I made got held up (who would think that getting DIRT would take ages, go figure) so have got something else sorted out so I can get the portable garden sorted out.
Righto, got to get ready to get the tea sorted, bit distracting here at the moment!