Prepped For Snow
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Something in my mind which still has a young child's wonder is aware of the snow-signs before I am fully conscious. Granted, that was probably my aching joints as well which woke me up but as soon as I saw the orange glow outside, I knew it had snowed. We had "light snow" predicted, but this was anything but light!
At 4am the kittens couldn't believe what they were seeing. Whilst they're naturally curious, I'm not letting them out - they'd run pell-mell and get more and more freaked out, and I'm certainly in no condition to chase cats through the snow. Morgan, the similarly crotchety creature, took one look, turned and went back inside.
Child has been over the moon, running around and then finally released outdoors. Next door's kids are going to school (and more than a little jealous). The buses have stopped running due to the hairpin turn and the utter refusal of councils to buy snowplows (cuts you know...well, actually they had snowplows a few years ago but they sold them all as 'un-necessary expense').
Setting up the Goth Tree this week has, sprog insists, brought on the snow. Possible, possible. Our tree isn't exactly traditional; it's black, with red and white lights, and Nightmare Before Xmas baubles. No, we don't do that traditional stuff much. Everything in my house would be jewel tones and black if I could manage it - the Goth Tree was a response one year due to ex and I really hating being forced to perform obligatory Xmess stuff due to family pressures (and part of the reason his family can't stand me, horrible corruptible influence I was). We "reclaimed" the holiday true to our alternative colours, hurrah.
So in between the excitement and what might also prove to be driving each other mad being contained in the house for the day, I'm counting up the food stocks (miscalculation, meep, has resulted in me possibly not getting my Abel & Cole order today - banks, get with the century, it should not take four days to process a cheque from a major company like British Gas). However the larder is otherwise well stocked, the cats have plenty of food and cat litter, and the gas and electric paid and sorted. Child very wired but just realised he hasn't had his wumpy-3s yet in all the activity, so going to "dose" the child.
Cheerio and snowdays, all.

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