Spring Tidy
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As I was struggling towards the end of last year and am still hobbling along, the garden towards the fall was allowed to get rather weedish. This afternoon, whilst there was the first bit of sun we've had in a while, I decided to bravely venture outside (and forgot the sunblock, so now sporting 'sunburn') and assess the damage. Not horrible, maybe, but only because everything is dormant right now, though the rose bushes are starting to show some buds. So much out there needs weeding, tidying, cutting, topdressing and probably a few other things ending in -ing.
I only had a little time to work in and I set to with a not entirely peaceful mind as, after four OTs and several applications for Move On Assistance Grants, I've been told that a shower-board and my son's sand-bucket to pour water over me covers all my needs and my grant has now been mooted. Thank you, Big Society; I guess the lack of adequate insulation, dodgy wiring, ancient appliances and fixtures, no smoke alarms and damp are all just minor inconveniences. I'm furious, but resigned - which I guess is where they want me, really. I put off claiming Housing Benefit for seven months because moving house whilst on benefits is rather like being branded with The Scarlet Letter, but now I'll have to claim the backpay.
Regardless, what it does mean is I'm staying and I shan't be giving up the garden now - which is a bit of joy regardless of the state of the house itself. I don't know what I'll do about the front path which is treacherous even when not covered in snow, or the wiring which causes a fair few shorts and which every electrician who has come in has shook his head and muttered under his breath "fire hazard" and "death trap". Not so sure about the appliances and doors and wallpaper, but I'll think of something.
For now though, I have a garden, and I have Halloween cats who have been sunning themselves in the last of the sunlight (it's clouding over now). What I also have now is a housekeeper, gleaned out of some carefully-saved cash to allow me two hours a week of someone else dealing with my house. She accomplished in two hours what I couldn't even dream of doing in a week. I huzzah.
A half hour outside pulling weeds in the mud has worn me out believe it or not, but I'm already thinking and plotting and planning once I get the hard graft of sorting out the clearup is done. And hey, I can grow squash after all!
We'll progress!

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