Lovely, Busy Day!
0 comment Monday, April 28, 2014 |
Sprog off to his dad's today, and school begins on Monday. Excuse my WHOOHOO moment, but that was a very very long two weeks! I've got a lot on for the day so a quick update and photo of my toms and squash plants which, hopefully, I can get out into the garden in two weeks.
The reseeding did not go ideally; even though I used my compost, some of the builder's sand (buckets of the stuff from the front, then up the stairs, then down the stairs, rinse, repeat) and even pulled some soil down from the back, for the most part there's just a bunch of seed lying about, barely covered. The birds are eyeing it, but my method is to put just too much seed down for them to possibly eat, and a few shopping bags to rustle and maybe scare them off. And water. Lots of water. By hand, I'm afraid as I don't have a hose, but basically whenever I go outside I water it, and that seems to be doing the trick.
The brutal truth is I need a LOT more soil to do it properly, but I just don't have it right now. I have added this to the petition to Gardening for Disabled trust as we're easily talking in the tonne-range for dirt at this point, and I don't drive (not to mention I don't have a few hundred quid lying about spare for the stuff!). However, it's sort of necessary as this is not the sort of soil you can grow anything in. I didn't even bother seeding the lawn near the fence as it's nearly all flint. I guess that's where the beds can go!
Still, I'll keep watering and hope that at least some of the seed will take. And then have a very very long, hot bath as I've done myself in.