Our Last Freeze
0 comment Monday, April 28, 2014 |
This week we're getting what looks to be our final, rather nasty cold snap, with temps dipping down past -3 at night. This is not a good thing for my squash, and they managed to get a bit frost-damaged last night. I've got to remember to cover them this week or I'll lose the lot.
However, the sun is trying to get more enthused about its occupation and has been peeking out here and there again. It's time for me to start getting the toms used to being outside again, and I'll be putting them out to harden off this week.
I think I admit defeat with regard to my chard and lettuces; I don't know what has managed to eat them but they're almost all gone, even through the netting. I'm thinking slugs as the asters I planted, which were doing well, have also been chewed down to stumps. ARGH - sometimes the gardening lark is a bit of a battle. The slug traps have given no results so I'm not really sure what's done the job. It looks like the only thing I'm managing to grow this year are alliums and root veg, but I'm going to get serious about this as ex brought over some oak woodshavings from the infamous Bed-Making-Project (which still isn't done). I also have diatomaceous earth, but I'm leery of using it as I don't want to kill EVERYTHING that has an exoskeleton, so we'll try the shavings first.
Since I still need to get soil and I've got a delivery scheduled already for Monday, I'm going to pop round the Garden nursery again, get some soil added to my order and also get more seeds in the hopes I can get at least a few greens in the ground for the year and into the winter. Every time I see the cost of bagged salad in the shops I get annoyed. I'll get some growing yet!
That however is a project for another day; today I've got a fair bit of work to do inside the house as I am doing a massed declutter and clean, as well as having a word with a few spiders - there was a rather large one on sprog's duvet cover last night and it freaked him out so badly he slept on his beanbag on the floor. So I'm on a mission today, and as I also have some deliveries due, I have to stick round at home.
Fuss and tidy, fuss and tidy.