Ripple, And Remain
0 comment Sunday, April 27, 2014 |
So, I got out of hospital yesterday.
Yeah, things all sort of came to a head, and after trying to get assistance from various facets of the Council and none of them thinking I was there problem, I very suddenly became their problem rather quickly and a lot of back-pedalling and apologies have ensued. The end result is I am finally going to have a Duty case manager coming out on Wed to go over why my house does not suit disabled people and what to do about it, how to make things optimum for me to continue to tend my son and if none of these things can be done satisfactorily, he'll be living with his father.
Ex has been quite good through all of this and was down on Wed, has been working round the house for me till today, took me out for lunch as cooking for me is right out for a while. He lit a fire under some bums and sorted out some things which no one was prepared to sort out for one reason or another.
So I now have a panic-button phone, I have a new railing upon my stairs to prevent falls, and will have, hopefully, some more work done on the place. That is the hope otherwise (and I shudder to even type it) I will have to move to other accomodation. Yes, after all this work on the garden. But needs must.
Typing is still difficult so for now, this is all. But I'm alive, and I'm here, and sprog is fine, and we'll move forward. Ripples in the water, but the water goes smooth eventually.