Why I'M Moving Out Of Supermarket Shopping
0 comment Friday, October 3, 2014 |
Apparently news has come in that two cloned cows were put into the food chain; there's a good chance I was buying some fine Angus beef in the supermarket, thinking I was buying the best for my son.
Right, well I guess I'm going to be staying local and to people I know. I get that not everyone is trying to put one over on the public but at the same time, I don't like the Powers Wot Be to drop the ball like that. I want to know what's happening with my food, and having something slip through the cracks and get lost, I'm not on with that at all.
Today, for example, sprog wanted "chocolate toast" - a chocolate and hazelnut homemade version of "Nutella" which he's very fond of. But the storebought bread had gone off (why does storebought not last?). So, today we made a loaf together, and I showed him all the steps. I was rather gratified that he's been watching me make bread before this, and pretty much had it sussed. He very happily enjoyed his homemade bread with his spread and I was gratified that I know what's in it - although I'm thinking of getting a different source for kamut and spelt flour as it turns out to be shipped in from the US. Considering how much GMO is used over there, I'm really not keen on exposing us to it. It's nearly impossible to determine whether or not your grain has been pollinated by a GMO plant or not, so I'd rather not risk it.
I'm going to be making some distinct steps to getting back to principles. It's been difficult considering my energy levels vs. cooking from scratch, but this story really scared the crap out of me.