Quick Update
0 comment Saturday, October 4, 2014 |
I have got to remember to include more photos but things have been busy....
We're having what is being termed a "dry spell" in true English understatement. What we've actually got are August-type temperatures peaking around 90 degrees and getting hotter, and not a drop of rain for weeks. Future reports but dry and hot seems to be the way of things. This means having to double-water everything in the garden at the moment, and the tomatoes - installed in growhouses due to past English summers - are always in danger of scorching, so I've been covering up the reflective plastic with old towels and leaving their doors wide open.
Strawberries are coming in full blush and I always manage to pick about a punnet a day, though I can sadly see the end in sight right now; the strawberries are getting smaller and smaller, and soon all I'll have is the plants. These still need nuturing however as I want to get some new runners installed into the empty pockets of the growing pot for next year. The oldest plants are in the top of the planter and probably will need replacing with new runners next year. My strawberries treat me well!
The raspberries, although in a very inadequate pot (I've been vetoed putting them in my garden as my neighbour doesn't want the chance of them growing into her space in the back; not sure how they're supposed to travel that far but whatever...) are going to give me a handful of berries this year. Nowhere near enough of course but I'm grateful! I'm going to try and figure out where to put the canes for a better crop next year without cramping anyone's style.
I'd write more but I have a appointment today which I cannot miss; so off to sort it.