In The Balance
0 comment Friday, October 3, 2014 |
Equinox is actually a bit behind us but I'm certainly feeling it. Most of my harvest is in, my diet is changing, I'm wrapping up in warmer clothes and trying to remember to take the half-dozen or so supplements and medications and tinctures and so on to keep me moving and able to walk through one more winter. Leaves change, the days get shorter, and my son grows what seems to be an inch an hour. Soon, Halloween, and already my son is wanting it to snow!
Today I've been working on installing and reinstalling programmes to my comp in order to be able to keep working through the winter months, and that has prevented me from doing much more work at the moment. Frustrating but something I have to do. So there's been a fair bit of chasing and dratting (when the hard-drive was replaced, no one saw fit to give me the CD key codes for this new version of Office they installed - with only HALF the features of the one I originally had). We'll get there in the end, and once my manuscripts are recovered, I'll be back to work. I'm now re-creating my soap files and getting all that organised all over again, though half of the files are useless due to a lack of the appropriate templates (once again, wrong version of Office). This has required much tea and sitting about cursing under my breath.
I had a "kitty break" today by going to visit some potential kittens at a rescue - oh gawds, the cuteness! Two gorgeous black male cats, only about six months of age, came immediately up to me and begged my attention with loud purrs and tapping at my legs with their paws. They crawled all over me, even leaping onto my back and nestling into my neck purring like mad things. I squee'd, I admit it, I'm not usually such a sucker but I adore black cats. This pair has orange-yellow eyes of a hue I've never seen in a cat before - total Halloween cats, y0! I'll hopefully be hearing something this week about a homecheck and then, if all goes well, they'll be bringing the two very playful, gentle, loving chaps to my home. I haven't breathed a word to child, I don't want him to be disappointed if it doesn't happen, but I'll be so chuffed, these lads were so affectionate, bless them! I had originally thought I'd only get one, but with Morgan getting on in years, I don't want two cats to get chummy and then one dies and leaves the other rather heartbroken. Three cats won't cost any more than a growing Leonberger to feed, I trust!
Cross appendages, I adored those wee furry purr-balls.
Then, it was time to get back and debate food for the day. Sprog is swimming tonight, so pizza for him (easier to sort out as I'm often too tired to cook anything when we get back) but I had a lamb shoulder as well. I decided to do a slow roast with rosemary, sage and garlic from the garden. The house smells amazing, though I don't think my friend who is coming round to pick us up swimming will approve as she despises the scent of rosemary (oops!). I'll be putting in some squash and carrots on later and revel in the autumn flavours, then probably do a casserole with the rest. Natch, sprog won't eat any but hey, more for me! I may get really indulgent and add a bit of apple-raspberry crumble on top of all that.
Man I better get back to swimming...but then I also have to work off all the birthday cake too.
Speaking of swimming, this may be scuppered for a bit: I have had a blocked pore cyst upon my shoulder for years due to a trip to an acupuncturist some years ago. It's been somewhat unsightly but not really much else. The past few days, however, it's become rather painful, hot and inflamed. I'll be taking a trip to a doc tomorrow and chances are will need to be either on some sort of medicine or may have to undergo minor surgery - which means no swimming. Boo. However I am doing a lot more walking lately, and that has been quite nice. Now is my favourite time to go out for walks, with all the leaves changing - and now is when I miss living in New Forest. Someday, man, someday....
In addition to therapeutic felines and general faff, I've been looking toward a potential return to work, albeit very slowly. In light of the fact I want to get back to using my office space and actually working in it, I'm filling out the application for the Access to Work programme - in theory this helps the disabled to get back to work and productivity. The woman who came to do my assessment for the DFS grant received assistance due to a back injury, including an electronic desk which raised and lowered depending on whether she needed to be sitting or standing. It took ages, but it's a very flash piece of kit and wasn't cheap, so she encouraged me to get in touch and maybe get an appropriate chair and lighting for the room so I can work. I will be doing work this winter, but I'll be doing so at a much more sedate pace than I've been doing in the past. I can't afford to do more than that.
Speaking of, my son will be back soon and I need to prepare for tonight's "synchronised flailing" lesson at the pool. Best pack up and be ready to go.