Can We Do Digging Mum?
0 comment Thursday, October 2, 2014 |
Child seems to be feeling the "spring rush" now the snow has melted. He has been asking about when we can get back into the garden again. The seeds are arriving and therefore he's getting ansty about doing some "digging". It's a bit early, but I am doing the beans and peas outside this week. I don't have soil yet for the pots but will get it soon, and even then, we've got another month or two before I think we can really start propagating in earnest.
What I do think we could do is work on the houseplants - topdressing would come in handy right about now. Will it be messy? Oh yeah. But it's also a great activity for us to do together.
It couldn't be any messy than child's earliest attempt at gardening - and yes, I took photos to embarrass him with when he got older. I started the Blackmail Files early.

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