0 comment Wednesday, October 1, 2014 |
I've got a lot to catch up with. I have been in hospital on Saturday with the cyst, which went very infected in a very short period of time - it was so bad the entire surgery team apparently had been talking about it, and I kept getting questioned if I was diabetic as the infection spread entirely too quickly and was difficult to get under control. I had brilliant care from Mon-Wed, but yesterday was appalled at my treatment. I'm currently in process of filing for complaint for the hospital, that Adult Social Services washed their hands of me and gave me incorrect information, and looking to appealing my DLA and even potentially going to tribunal.
It has been...tiring. There are some perks: I'm writing and have recovered most of my work from older drives. I have time to write and to draw and will even be working this into my tax credits - I also have an opportunity for publishing online regularly and getting paid to do so. More on that as I hammer out the details. Sprog has been attending a childminder after school which, while not ideal, has been very enjoyable for him and gives me a bit more time during the day to save up energy for myself and for sprog, and means the time we do spend together is filled with lots of fun and hugs and talk about the day. We're getting there.
So excuse me while I recover - I'm rather flared and my poor immune system reactions has called for my GP to give a rethink as to my care so I do not end up in such dire straits in the future.
In other news, a new publishing scheme has been released in the UK, and it may be I will find myself once again in print soon. This is Good News as I do not think I will be capable of continuing with the soaping business (as much as I absolutely loved doing it). I can however always write, and the ideas are coming thick and fast. I will be looking into more aid via childcare component of tax creds, disability tax creds and if that goes well, I'll be not only having sprog at the childminders after school, but will also consider hiring some home help for assistance with cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry and so on. Even if it was just done an hour for five days a week it would be a huge help and take so much stress off me during the week to do other things, like, you know, enjoy life.