Cooking Day!
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In comes the harvest; and that means I'm doing lots of baking and cooking, I've been eating rubbish due to exhaustion and just not having the energy to cook and my diet has suffered. When I hobbled out to get some cat food today I realised my plans to take child into town were foiled. Everything hurt and even the pain medication wasn't cutting it. So, it's a day inside and rather than waste it being online, I decided to eat something and get caught up with a few chores here - but there wasn't anything for breakfast I could actually eat. I decided to do some heavy foraging outside as well as what I've frozen from earlier this year, and see what I could come up with.
Some white-chocolate/berry muffins have been made, half for the tin, and half for the freezer. Sprog isn't a fan, but for mornings when I only grab tea and maybe some toast, I now have something a bit more filling as well as a bit of a blueberry/redcurrant hit.
I also did a spelunk of the veg drawer; I admit I don't eat anywhere near enough veggies due to the fact the cooking and preparation is often too much for me; it's a shame as child actually loves his tatties, carrots and broccoli but even cutting and washing puts a lot of pressure on my hands, and I like my veg a bit more interesting than boiled. So after gathering what I could from the drawer, I went outside and harvested in some veggies, chard and herbs, and made a big pot of veggie-pasta soup, with a touch of miso added for flavour.
While doing all this I realised my garden is also very neglected; still don't have a strimmer and it's been raining too much to get the mower out. I've got to deadhead some blooms and may as well bring a bouquet inside today.
The house smells lovely and while I still have some takeaway in the fridge, I don't actually want it. The food I've made is much tastier!

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