Vote Of No Confidence In Maria Miller - With Uncomfortable Personal
Bits In
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I wrote this as the beginning portion of the form letter which was mailed out today to every paper, tv news station, MP and party I could find. The letter itself will probably be dismissed because the Powers that Be argue it's just "repetitive spam" - sort of like their form letters we get sent to "The Occupier" - and therefore can be ignored. There's a strange disconnect between the fact that a bunch of people too ill to even type somehow managed to find the energy to copy, paste, and send and just being Viagra spam. I felt it took a personal touch for the receivers to understand why they're getting the emails they're getting.
Whether they listen or not is anyone's guess, but if they think we're just going to give up, they can guess again.
Today marks the only form of action or protest I can take due to recovering from a severe chest infection. As a disabled parent with a disabled child I am unable to attend "listening exercises", public rallies, consultations or anything else which involves politicians nodding and looking concerned. I am not the only one as there are millions of invisible disabled people who are being subjected to cuts - not that I ever received help no matter how much I begged and pleaded.
The following letter is "just the facts"; since it seems we the disabled are constantly told to not be emotive or allegorical. We are not to describe in acute detail what our lives are like and how much we struggle - that's not considered a fact, even though we live it; merely an anecdote. It is not considered a fact that I have sacrificed my life, marriage, and health to the care of my child and now look to lose my home and what little health I have left - that is merely a unfortunate story. It is not considered a fact that my son has been forced un-successfully through mainstream schools to the point he has become violent and I have to take on the Tribunal to see him get proper education - that is just a statistic.
But when we try and use facts - some of us barely capable of putting a paragraph together therefore we have to draft a universal letter to use- we're told it's "duplicative". How many of these emails will be thrown away because it's the same thing being said over and over again and therefore must just be spam? Is it really such a mental stretch to see that every email being sent is by an individual who is desperate, but doesn't have the words or political language-speak to be able to describe their despair, their fear and anxiety. It may be too "emotional" for you, but I want you to understand that every one of us who presses the "send" button today does so because we are desperate - we are LIVING THE FACTS, and it's more cruel, more terrifying, and more life-threatening than any mail-count or statistic sheet can ever truly convey.
Maria Miller is desperately out of touch with OUR facts, OUR truths, and OUR experiences. To be in her position with such a total lack of empathy for the people she is supposed to support is a huge slap in the face we have all felt compelled to let you know, whether we're flat on our backs in bed as I have been for the past four days or not.
And so, here is my horribly emotive, dismissively allegorical, uncomfortably personal intro to the repetitive emails you're going to be receiving today. I hope it made you cringe. I hope you winced. And then I hope you decided to act upon it for the better.