Busy Me, Brewing, And A Growing Wump
0 comment Saturday, October 11, 2014 |
I had a scant three days to cram in a backlog of two week's work, whether my wrists hurt like hell or not. I've got a restriction brace on my left wrist now and I think I'm going to find myself going to get something a bit more sturdy and supportive for both wrists if I want to keep typing and painting. It is a bit of a jesus-this-is-really-destroying-my-joints-and-I'm-not-dreaming-it moment that felt more than a little weird as well as rather depressing but I've learned over the past year if a piece of equipment makes a difference, I had best use it without whinging. It's better in the long run.
So, with a semi-supported wrist which hurt like hell (and realising there really wasn't anything stoic about trying to struggle on without) I managed to open my Etsy shop to sell some of my art and my prints. I'll be pimping this about, and hoping it generates a bit of revenue. I've got some new ideas as well which I hope to add shortly but I'm just waiting on a delivery - I think it will suit my style rather well so let's see how it works out! Book promotion is stepping up a notch as well as I am uploading my work to Smashwords but I don't think I'm going to be the next best-seller; the thing about indy book publication is I spend more time promoting my work than writing the next piece, and I really find that to be a huge drag. So it's either going to have to be an agent in the future or I'm just going to do it as and when and not try to make a career of it. With my fair-weather hands, that seems the best I can hope for anyway.
Brewing beer and so forth? Oh yes. I caved, I admit it; I bought a strawberry cider kit again and this week I'll start the brew-bucket with the cider for the year. Last year's batch was lovely and I felt if I was going to go through all the effort I may as well choose a brew I really enjoy. I need my wrist to recover a bit as lifting heavy buckets full of primordial beer won't do me any favours. I need to rack the Gnarly Wine as well but see above. Recovery from whatever injury I did to myself is the name of the game at the moment, in between getting through another longish weekend of wumping.
The Wump is hitting another growth spurt. The trousers I bought a mere month ago are now too tight. He's also managed to break two more slats on his bed (WHY oh why do manufacturers make beds for children with slats??? Flat boards please!). It's now sagging in a ridiculous way and I really have to get thicker, sturdier boards cut and placed but not sure how to do it. He is also very in need of a new mattress (all that bedwetting has taken its toll). On top of the clothes, new shoes, new socks, new school uniforms as I don't know when the Tribunal will happen or what school child will be attending next year, but fall back options are in place. Unfortunately, doing all the shoe shopping requires me to have strong hands in case he manages to make a break for it while we're on a busy street, and today is not that day! Heigh ho, another week will have to go by but hopefully I can pick up more trousers and socks when I go into town for errand runs on Tuesday and maybe another market shop.
Off we go to get it done - or in my case today, to rest my wrist up enough so I can get things done.